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Advertise With Us

We would like to help promote other local businesses in our vehicles. Digital tablets in our vehicles allow us to present a slideshow to our customers showcasing said local businesses. Advertising with us is cost effective, simple, and there is no long-term contract or commitment required. You can even change your advertisement as often as you like based on the specials and services your business offers. 


As we are not a marketing firm, we aim to charge a fee low enough for local businesses to see a great opportunity to cost-effectively advertise to locals and tourists, while helping to support our own local business concurrently. . 

Choose your pricing plan

  • 25$
    Every month
    Display a static advertisement for your business.
    • Showcase your business via digital screens in our vehicles.
    • Ad will be part of a slideshow of other local business ads.
    • Slideshow will consist of only local businesses.
    • Change your displayed content at any time.
    • Content is displayed in all vehicles.
  • 40$
    Every month
    Display video or multiple ads in our slideshow.
    • All standard benefits
    • Display a video advertisement to our customers.
    • Display multiple static ads throughout our slideshow.
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